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Dog Mobility Assistance Products

Orvis dog steps, lifts, ramps, stair treads, and other traction-enhancing products give your mobility-challenged pet a new lease on life. Caring for an older dog or a dog recovering from surgery demands special considerations for their mobility and safety—providing the right treads, ramps, travel gear, and safety items can significantly improve their quality of life.

Mobility Challenges and Your Dog

Arthritis, joint pain, and reduced physical capabilities may keep your beloved companion from the spots she loves most—the back seat of the car, the sofa, or your bed, for example. Our stair treads, dog steps, and dog ramps can bring it all back within reach. Designed for easy mobility, these products help restore some of the freedom your pet enjoyed during her youth. You’ll also find a supportive sling that will save your back while you help an older dog stand up or navigate steps. And we offer orthopedic dog beds to improve comfort in older dogs.

Are Ramps or Stairs Better for Dogs?

If your dog is a small breed or has mobility issues, you may want to opt for a ramp to help her into and out of the car or onto and off of the furniture. But while a ramp may be easier for a dog to navigate than steps, it requires more space. Steps take up less space and work well for a dog with good mobility but who may not be able to jump high enough to access vehicles or furniture. Check the weight limits for dog stairs and choose the best option to support your dog.

How Do I Prevent My Dog From Slipping on Hardwood Floors?

The traction method works best. Opt for grippy mats on the floor or grippy shoes on your dog’s paws. Our Recycled Water Trapper® Stair Treads will help your dog climb up and down hardwood stairs with confidence, and our dog traction socks keep your companion stable on slippery surfaces.

When your older dog needs a little extra help on the go or around the house, turn to our collection of essentials for senior dogs and discover a variety of innovative solutions.