Essentials for the Smaller Dog

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Collars, Leashes, Dog Beds & Toys for Smaller Breeds

Smaller dogs need essentials, too: Discover the best pint-sized dog collars, bedding, feeders, and more in a collection made just for him. Browse our small and extra small personalized dog collars with compatible leashes to find the styles and colors you want for your precious companion. For nap time, offer him a small and cozy memory foam bed so he can curl up in comfort. For a snuggle buddy or playtime pal, choose from an array of mini dog squeaky toys and plush to suit pint-sized proportions. We also offer high-quality raised feeders in a smaller size to give him a more comfortable eating stance. Our dog treats feature soft, tasty nuggets he’ll have no trouble gobbling down during training time. Our Essentials for the Smaller Dog collection includes the right-sized gear, toys, and accessories for the smaller dog with a big personality—find everything he needs here.