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Top-Quality Essential Products for Every New Dog Owner

Our Essentials for New Dog Owners collection includes collars, leashes, training aids, and other basic supplies you’ll need for your new furry family member. If you or someone you know has or will soon become a new pet parent, heartfelt congratulations are in order: Dog ownership is among life’s most rewarding experiences. But that joy also brings challenges, and for those, we offer several solutions. You’ll find the basics every dog needs in this collection, including our popular side-release buckle collar and leash. Let us personalize a collar with your new dog’s name and your phone number—it’s the best first layer of security for your companion, offers peace of mind for you, and it’s free. Our collection also includes options in the Orvis ToughChew® Dog Bed, ideal for a new puppy or an adult dog with destructive habits, but if you’d like to explore other types of Orvis dog beds, our Dog Bed Guide can help winnow down the choices. We offer attractive and sturdy options in furniture protectors and dog throw blankets fabricated with innovative textiles to stay put and absorb moisture, all of them machine washable. Using furniture protectors in your home’s living areas also expands your new dog’s sleeping options and helps her feel more comfortable and welcome.

Training is part and parcel of dog ownership, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pet parent. Our collection includes healthy dog training treats made with all-natural ingredients dogs love, ideal for more productive sessions. And you’ll find tough squeaky toys to engage your new dog and to satisfy her natural urge to chew. There’s more to explore, including dog feeders, crates, gates, and car seat protectors. Any of the products in this collection also makes a thoughtful gift for the new dog owner on your list.

Consult our Guide to Dogs for informative articles about training your new friend, traveling with a dog, safety, nutrition, and the special needs of older dogs. And if you’re still on the fence about inviting a dog into your family, try our Dog Breed Selector to see which type of dog might be a good fit for you. There are fewer life experiences more satisfying than the companionship of a dog—let Orvis help make it a reality for you.