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Essential Products for Traveling With a Dog

Explore Orvis Essentials for Travel With Dogs to find road-ready car restraints, crates, bowls, and other basics for travel convenience, comfort, and safety. This collection includes all the gear you and your best friend need to stay safe and happy as you travel.

Start with a tough, personalized dog collar so your phone number is on her should she escape during your adventures. Then, protect your car’s interiors. If you love exploring with your dog (or dogs!) as much as we do, you’re well acquainted with the dander, hair, dirt, rain, snow, or mud that finds its way into the car. You’ll be hard pressed to find a higher-quality option to keep dirt off car upholstery than the rugged yet soft microfiber Orvis car seat protectors for dogs. Our hammock-style seat protectors fit over the front and backseat headrests to form a comfy, contained area for your companion. Choose a cargo or bucket seat protector, featuring Grip-Tight® backing to help it stay put, to create an effective barrier between your dog and the upholstery in those areas of the car; the water-resistant fabric stops moisture in its tracks, and protects leather seats from sharp toenails while indulging your best friend in comfort. For the dog who prefers the cozy, reassuring feel of a den-like environment, we offer a folding travel dog crate that includes a padded sherpa fleece mat, for canine comfort while traveling and when you reach your destination.

Safety first for our furry friends who enjoy riding shotgun or freewheeling in the backseat: Our sturdy and thoughtfully designed dog car restraint pulls double duty as a walking harness. And we include options to keep your pal fed and hydrated on the road, in essential feeding and food storage products made specifically for traveling with a dog. Once you’re on the trail, you’ll need hiking gear to adventure with your four-legged buddy.

Can Dogs Go on Long Car Rides?

Yes, but there are certain rules of thumb to follow. Avoid traveling with a dog who’s not yet housebroken, but if you must, stop at least once an hour for potty breaks. Try to get your dog used to traveling in the car for long stretches of time gradually. Plan your route to include dog-friendly spots where you can go for a leashed walk, or find a local dog park for a romp—a tired dog is likely to sleep the miles away. Pack her favorite dog toys for long stretches on the road when she needs a distraction, and double check that you’ve brought her provisions: adequate food, plenty of water, bags for picking up waste, medicines, and a comfy travel dog bed or blanket. Bring along towels to dry off wet or muddy feet or deal with carsickness or bathroom accidents. Talk with your vet beforehand, especially if this is the first long road trip with your dog, to make sure you have all the medical necessities with you as you embark on your big adventure. Consult our tips for traveling with dogs to learn more.

What Is the Safest Way for a Dog to Travel in a Car?

Check to see whether your state requires dog restraints in the car, and designate an area in the vehicle where she is safe and secure. Loose dogs can cause accidents or be thrown from the car in a crash, and a harness/seatbelt-style dog restraint system or a travel crate can help keep your buddy from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in a collision. Learn more about how to restrain your dog in the car, along with safety tips on traveling with a dog with anxiety.

Taking care of your dog while taking care of your car means happy tails and happy trails. Browse our entire collection of dog travel products for a comprehensive selection of on-the-go gear for you and your canine companion.