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Fly-Fishing Gear

Browse fly-fishing gear at Orvis to find the best angling products in the world, engineered to improve your experience on and off the water. From the finest casting rigs to unstoppable performance in technical clothing and wading boots, we've spent more than a century purveying fly-fishing gear created by anglers for anglers in pursuit of the ultimate fly-fishing experience. We bring you the best fishing tools and accessories to help you excel in every aspect of this thrilling sport.

Solid preparation is key to more productive and enjoyable days on the water. Make sure your checklist includes the right fly-fishing clothing for the conditions you expect to encounter. We offer superior-quality technical casting shirts, fishing pants, and quick-drying shorts made for the most challenging conditions. Look for built-in temperature regulation, moisture-wicking capabilities, insect-repellent textiles, and other performance features to keep you comfortable in the elements while you pursue that next trophy fish. Our collection of fly-fishing accessories includes thoughtfully engineered packs, slings, and fishing vests, top-quality tools and fly boxes, and a wide range of polarized sunglasses made specifically for fishing. Fabricated in proprietary textiles and engineered to function in the field, our fly-fishing waders and grippy wading boots keep you prepared whenever you’re in the water. Outfitted in the right socks, booties, underwader pants, and wading jacket, the novice and veteran angler alike can cast with confidence.

Gear up with the best fly-fishing rods, reels, and lines. If you’re not sure where to start, try our fly rod selector. We’ll recommend the best options based on multiple variables, including where you plan to fish, the species you’ll be targeting, your budget, and your skill level. When it comes to fly fishing, trust Orvis for the best gear in the world.

What Do Fly Fishers Wear?

While there’s not a standard outfit for fly fishing, many anglers choose technical fishing clothing to meet whatever environmental conditions they’ll encounter: quick-drying shorts, wading shoes, and a casting shirt for warmer weather, for example, or base layers, wading socks and boots, full waders, fleece, and an insulated wading jacket for fly fishing in punishing cold and wet conditions. Browsing our full line of fly-fishing clothing will give you an idea of the best seasonal options for men and women.

What Does a Beginner Fly Fisher Need?

At its most basic level, fly fishing requires a rig: a fly rod, reel, and line, as well as an assortment of lifelike flies. Explore other necessities in our collection of fly fishing gear for beginners. If you’re considering taking up fly fishing, let us walk you through an introduction of the basics and get you on your way to one of the greatest American pastimes that exists. Consult our Guide to Fly Fishing for informative articles on fly-fishing gear and equipment, techniques, and tactics, all penned by Orvis experts.