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Whether it’s purely the warmth you seek, or the natural beauty and romance of a crackling fire, our fireplace and hearth products will help you kindle the flames. Here in New England we’re no strangers to the elements, and understand the importance of an inviting and warming fireplace—suffice it to say we know a thing or two about starting a roaring fire and keeping it going. Our popular Orvis Fatwood firestarter is environmentally friendly; available packaged a variety of ways, it’s an essential accessory for any hearth, and makes a thoughtful gift to boot. We also include attractive solutions for carrying and storing wood indoors. Our Canvas and Leather Utility Tote boasts a rugged design that’s up for the task of hauling logs inside from the woodpile.

Our Fireplace & Hearth collection also includes innovative products made to take the comfort and warmth of an open fire to the back yard or campsite for elevated outdoor living. Explore compact, portable fire pits you can pack along for plenty of heat and endless ambiance at your destination. We offer heirloom-quality cast iron cookware, American made for years of reliable service at home or over the campfire. Browse our entire collection to find the best options for campsite or hearth, and let Orvis help keep your home fires burning bright.