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Technical Gear & Clothing for Upland Hunting

Upland hunting requires dedication, persistence, and confidence. We created a collection of upland hunting gear to optimize your experience in the field. Hunting upland game leads you crashing through heavy and unruly thicket; our upland hunting jackets are designed to protect you in dense brush and extreme conditions. Our technical hunting jackets boast superior design, warmth, breathability, and durability; these attributes make them trusted field companions. An upland hunting vest should offer versatility and a solid fit, and function flawlessly. Our rugged vests come in fabrics that stand up to the thickest cover.

Staying protected from the elements is paramount to an enjoyable hunting outing. Our upland hunting pants are essential for keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable so you can focus on putting birds in the bag in spite of inclement weather conditions. And quality hunting boots are staples in the field—a correct fit, stability and support, durability, and high-quality construction are essential for protecting your feet and keeping them comfortable. Our upland hunting boot collection is time tested, tried and true.

Upland hunting subjects your gear to the most inhospitable condition. Our collection of upland hunting clothing allows you to venture forth in confidence. Discover apparel and accessories to complement any hunter’s arsenal—these products are a true testament to the upland tradition, providing integrated technical features, classic design, comfort, and style you can rely on this hunting season, and for many more to come.