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“Always quality associated with the Orvis name. You can bet if it’s Orvis-Endorsed, the lodge will be worthy of it.”

–Wayne, Michigan

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Choosing Your Orvis-Endorsed Partner

Get the full package at an Orvis-Endorsed lodge—an all-inclusive experience—you just have to get there. Hunting Grounds offer great cover and guided experiences but do not have associated accommodations. Outfitters provide a team of guides in a specific resource or property, and guides are independent operators who conduct hunts personally. Group Trips are experiences crafted by the Orvis Adventures travel team and our Orvis-Endorsed Partners and offer prime dates at destinations with a friendly group dynamic.


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Memorable Wingshooting Starts With Orvis

Our Wingshooting Trips include Orvis-endorsed shooting resources in four categories: hunting vacations, shooting grounds, hunting guides, and wingshooting schools. First, if you're interested in vacation travel planned around your passion for bird hunting, you’ll find thoroughly vetted and approved hunting lodges in the United States, Scotland, and Argentina with varied offerings for you and your family or hunting companions. These are establishments we’ve returned to time and again, which continue to meet the high standards synonymous with the Orvis name. You’ll find packages for the seasoned wingshooter, no stranger to long days exposed to the elements and always prepared for the unexpected, to all-encompassing hunting lodge packages with trap, skeet, and sporting clay courses, instruction for novice and skilled shooters alike, and superior guidance in the field. You’ll awaken early, spend much of your day outdoors, and return to well-appointed quarters for top-shelf libations and chef-prepared cuisine that often reflects the culinary traditions of the region. You’ll arise the next morning and do it all again. Or maybe you’ll allow us to create a custom travel package that combines hunting with other interests (fly fishing comes to mind).

Perhaps a day in the field will suffice: Orvis presents approved shooting grounds, each operated by a knowledgeable full-time staff, where accommodations are left to you if you need them at all. Choose from three world-class facilities offering lessons, workshops, group instruction, one-on-one training, and premier upland hunting. Find these Orvis-endorsed sporting clubs in New York, Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

We’ve also sanctioned wingshooting guides across the country. These trained professionals are local experts who take you far off the beaten path for authentic wild bird hunting expeditions. Engage in a day of fair chase shooting in unspoiled wilderness, with native guidance and well-trained dogs. (Find Orvis-Endorsed hunting dog breeders and training programs within these pages, too.)

And finally, we encourage you to attend one of our several endorsed wingshooting schools. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, there’s much to be touted about learning or improving your upland hunting, waterfowl hunting, or sporting clay technique under the watchful eye of an expert. Browse our shooting schools and find the one closest to you.